Generation at Risk: Joining Forces to Fight Childhood Obesity

Research Experts

Photo of Richard Edwards.

"We have to be concerned with society at large and try to bring together people that can focus from a variety of perspectives on a single set of problems."

Richard Edwards

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Rutgers University

Photo of Bob Goodman.

"Unless we identify with the major issues that face the people of our state and see ourselves as agriculturalists in the middle of our society, we will not be sustainable for the long term."

Bob Goodman

Executive Dean, Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

Photo of Jack Rabin.

"To get food to where people can purchase it and use it, is really a multifactorial problem, and farming and agriculture can't solve it on their own, so there has to be a team effort."

Jack Rabin

Director, Rutgers Farm Programs

Photo of Kathe Newman.

"We can grow a lot of food in the city; we can't grow enough to feed everybody, but the growing is going to have lots of other benefits such as opportunities for education and job creation."

Kathe Newman

Associate Professor of Urban Planning, Rutgers University

Photo of Judy Storch.

Judy Storch

Professor of Nutrition, Rutgers University

Photo of Carol Byrd-Bredbenner.

Carol Byrd-Bredbenner

Specialist in Nutrition, Rutgers University

Photo of Sue Shapses.

Sue Shapses

Professor of Nutrition, Rutgers University

Photo of Larry Katz.

"We have as our mission to bring research out to the residents of the state of New Jersey so that the health and welfare of our citizens and residents can be attended to."

Larry Katz

Senior Associate Director, Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station

Photo of Nurgul Fitzgerald.

"To think that people are facing type 2 diabetes and other obesity related diseases because of their socioeconomic conditions and because they can not get to the resources in this country as much as somebody else can, it breaks my heart."

Nurgul Fitzgerald

Specialist in Community Nutrition, Rutgers University

Photo of Margaret Brennan-Tonetta.

"Bringing farm fresh foods to school children is an important step in fighting the obesity epidemic and the Food Innovation Center is now developing Jersey Fresh meals for local schools."

Margaret Brennan-Tonetta

Executive Director, New Jersey Food Innovation Center

Photo of Peggy Policastro.


Peggy Policastro

Director, Healthy Dining Team

Photo of Peggy Policastro.


Peggy Policastro

Director, Healthy Dining Team